It's sometimes intimidating to show up someplace if you don’t know anybody or what to expect.  We hope that your first experience at Albion Hills Bible Church will be a warm, welcoming one... when we reopen.  However, due to the global COVID pandemic and the provincial restrictions, we are physically closed for the time being.

If you were able to join us, our Chapel is set on a beautiful rural property in the Caledon Hills.  The lane curves past an old log cabin. Keep driving because we are located behind that cabin... in the barn.  

Our Sunday worship services  

are relatively traditional.  

You will experience lively

singing, the reading of the

Scriptures and prayer.  This

is followed by a Bible based message.

Children would be welcome to participate in our nursery or Sunday School (up to grade 8) just before the message.

Stay after the service to enjoy some refreshments and to meet your neighbours.  We would love to have you visit with us!

Unable to attend due to the pandemic or otherwise?  Interested in hearing the Bible messages?  Check out our "Messages" page where you can listen to a recent message.  We hope you will find them encouraging and helping you grow in a biblical understanding of who God is and His plan for you!

We also welcome you to check out our website further to learn a more about Albion Hills Bible Church.  We have a variety of ministries for women, men, youth and children throughout the week.  There are great opportunities for fellowship, encouraging one another and learning more from God's Word.

It is also our prayer and hope that you would be interested in learning more about God,

His great love for you and His church.  

Do not hesitate to contact us should you

have any questions.

2021/03/29 - Due to the latest provincial  lockdown restrictions,  the board of Albion Hills Bible Church has decided to continue to keep the church closed for Sunday Bible study, and our Sunday worship services.   Mid-week prayer meetings will continue as possible.  All other group ministries and activities remain postponed until further notice.

Activities and events:

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday, April 4th

Bill Ball is back with us and celebrates Resurrection Sunday with us. Check the links above.

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday, April 11th

Bill Ball is back with us and speaking from the Word of God. See the links above when available.

Midweek Prayer and Study

Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00am

Our midweek prayer and study time will continue at the church.  We hope you'll be able to join with us in prayer and fellowship.

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday, April 18th

Bill Ball will be back with us and speaking from the Word of God. See the links above when available.

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and our efforts to help continue to protect those most susceptible to this virus. For more details, please click the link below regarding our church response.

“During this time with the coronavirus, fear is gripping the hearts of people around the world. There is a mountain of anxiety and alarm, and it is still building. It is as real as the virus itself—but it is treatable. There are people in need that we can reach out to help. Like a fireman runs to the fire, the church needs to respond to crises around us. We who are the church need to stand up and be the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

- Franklin Graham, President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and President of Samaritan’s Purse


This Resurrection Sunday, Bill Ball from SGA Canada speaks on three "C"s of Easter... a crown, a cross and a cave, and the victory that only Jesus could have over sin and death!

Not Everything is Cancelled!

Sun is not cancelled

Spring is not cancelled

Relationships are not cancelled

Love is not cancelled

Reading is not cancelled

Devotion is not cancelled

Music is not cancelled

Imagination is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Conversations are not cancelled

Hope is not cancelled

And God’s love for HIS people is never cancelled!

Live and enjoy your God and

your life knowing this!