03 - The Deity and the Virgin Birth of our Lord          

Jesus Christ

We believe in the essential deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and His total humanity through the virgin birth, and that all the Scriptures from first to last centre about Him, His person and work, His sacrificial death upon the cross and His coming again.

Acts 26:22-23

John 5:39

Matthew 1:18-23

Luke 1:35;  24:44

Acts 17:2-3;  18:28

Isaiah 7:14

Acts 28:23

Acts 1:11

Articles of Faith & Doctrine

To be interpreted as expressed in and according to the Natural and Literal meaning of the respective passages of the Word of God referred to under each Article.  Click on an article for more information.  Clicking on the Bible reference passage(s) will open a new page and take you to BibleGateway.com.